Friday, July 10, 2015

Boom Town

A bit of provocative street art from the bustling blocks of Ballard Avenue. On an abandoned building across the street from the Hotel Ballard and Stoneburner. To me, it says Amazon is wrecking/changing the face of the city, yet it remains veiled in the fleeting beauty of a pretty pin-up girl. The vibrance is alluring, but the dramatic changes could prove destructive. What does it say to you?


  1. If you want to keep children engaged, indoor activity centers provide everything. Similar to bowling alleys as well as arcades for games indoor activities centres could benefit from a vibrant fun neon sign that will give a visual appeal to the place.

    Indoor centres could include anything from rock climbingto trampoline areas and would look more appealing with a neon sign that is themed placed in the wall.With restrictions slowly ending across the UK It's possible to say that both people and businesses alike are taking a breath of satisfaction that soon things will return to normal. A lot of our favorite things are returning such as the ability to sit at a bar , to going to an event of a huge scale.

  2. We are all aware that working at home with poor lighting can have a huge impact on our eyes. Insufficient lighting at home can strain your eyes, leaving you exhausted and, in some instances, with headaches. Also lighting too bright can impact your vision and your mood. The lighting strategy for your interior must consider the rooms of your home where you will spend most of your time doing daily tasks, like the kitchen. In this area, you can install light fixtures that shine an arc of light over the work area, and won't cause shadows.

  3. . If you grow with only warm light, it will result in short, bushy plants without blooms. In contrast continuous exposure to cool light can lead to spindly, brittle plants. To overcome this issue indoor gardeners have been making use of 2 tube fluorescent light fixtures, which have just one bulb with a warm light and one cool one. Although this fixture was the standard for many years, it's now getting eclipsed by LEDs that offer the complete spectrum of light with just one bulb.
    Cost: LEDs tend to be more costly than fluorescent fixtures. However, keeping the LED system might result in a lower cost in the end

  4. Before you go out to buy something brand new look at if there's anything in this list that excites you. You might decide to create the wallpaper of your choice (hint use paint!) or transform the ladder you have in your garage into a shelving unit. If you're still looking to upgrade your furniture you can follow these ways to find cheaper alternatives like choosing a the option of removable wallpaper or purchasing bistro tables instead of a kitchen table. Before you begin your home renovations check out these creative ways to decorate within a budget.

  5. A frequently-made mistakes designers make particularly in open-plan areas is the inability to fit furniture too tightly into a space and not leaving enough space for people to move around comfortably. The most frequented thoroughfares in your home must not be more than 90cm in width. This is just enough to allow two people to walk by.

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    Participation is the key to Instagram's growth. Many brands make the mistake of focusing on ideas and opinions without considering the people behind the values. You need to add your followers to the conversation to get more Instagram followers. Remember, just because someone sees your content does not mean that you are just watching. If you have the opportunity to connect with a potential follower, take it. Each comment provides an opportunity to gain new subscribers or keep an existing one, so be sure to respond to any comments you receive. If your hand is already shaking at the thought of hitting the phone, don't worry. You can use the Buffer Engage tool to reply to comments on the desktop. But don't wait for fans to start talking. Create opportunities for communication. Use Instagram stickers as an open question and comment on Instagram stories. Ask questions in pictures. Encourage people to tag their friends with suggestions in the comments, such as "Tag your best friend to invite you on this tour!" or "Look at the wine - a loving friend with whom you would like to try this wine tasting."

  7. A quantidade de tempo gasto em um site é a medida de quanto tempo uma pessoa passa em um site, independentemente de o site estar sendo utilizado ou não.
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  8. Nós entendemos e conhecemos a arte do Instagram. Estamos completamente apreensivos em como o Instagram funciona e, usando os estilos mais avançados, vendemos apenas curtidas, visualizações e seguidores reais e autênticos. Então, novamente, quando você compra de nós, você pode atrair mais e mais pessoas no Instagram.

  9. O Google Analytics soma todas as metas concluídas em seu site e as calcula como a taxa de conversão total. Mas, vale a pena olhar para cada objetivo por vez para avaliar o desempenho deles para identificar quais objetivos você está alcançando e quais objetivos de conversão precisam ser modificados.

  10. O marketing por email permite que você se conecte diretamente com seus seguidores. Isso não é possível ou pode ser um desafio para diferentes canais, como sites que exigem que os clientes sigam você para enviar mensagens a eles ou DM. Email é que recebemos mensagens individuais bem estruturadas, obtemos entrega e solicitamos dados e depois os enviamos para o trabalho.


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  12. Highlight the feeds of your clients frequently. Encourage your users to share by showing their most popular UGC on your site.
    Everlane customer
    Everlane often showcases clients on their Instagram page.
    7. Create Instagram-only promotions.
    Promoting your business only using Instagram can encourage your followers to stay connected to your business. It gives you a greater incentive to bring customers to your social media pages.
    Then, you can send followers of the platform Instagram on your funnel to sales creating landing pages that are specific to your business.

  13. With their integrated ad management platforms it's easy enough to expand the size of a Facebook campaign by expanding the campaign to Instagram.

    Many advertisers are able to do this without analysis and instead look at the results across both platforms as though it were a single entity. It could result in positive results.

    To ensure the most efficient allocation of budgets and a more effective plan, it is recommended to use the two portals on one-to-one basis.

    When should you advertise simultaneously on simultaneously on Facebook and Instagram at the same time and when should one stick to one? The answer will depend on the following 6 factors:

  14. Social media for insurance ideas and suggestions
    Successful social media pages do more than follow standard guidelines for social media - they also curate an array of content to ensure that their websites are always up-to-date.