It all started in a basement on Capitol Hill. Just before LL Cool J released his second record, my long-time neighbor and friend, Matt Johnson and I bought our first pair of clippers. We started cutting each other's hair because the guy we were going to was great, but we figured, "We can do this." Matt and I may have caught a few nicks, but we honed our skills and built our confidence. Soon the word was out, and friends came a-calling - haircuts for next to nothing, it seemed worth the potential risk.

Before long, we needed a second pair of clippers. I continued to cut hair all through high school, while my clients enjoyed epic ping pong battles as they waited their turn. I packed my clippers as I went off to college, and continued to "build the brand," which is just code for "make new friends." I was awarded a Masters Degree from the School of Style and Social Activity (thanks Travers), and honestly, I felt like the richest man in Bellingham.

To follow up my BA, I moved back into the beloved basement, goofed around for the Summer, and enrolled in barber school at Seattle Central Community College for the Fall. Almost a year later, in July of 1995, I was crowned a barber by the great state of Washington. When asked by a human interest reporter from the Seattle Times why I had pursued my barber's license, the answer was simple, "To legitimize my hobby." That one got a lot of play from all my friends that read the paper that day.

After three years at Rudy's on the Ave, I found a great little spot in the neighborhood now referred to as "Tangle Town," kitty corner from what was the famed Honey Bear Bakery. And, I opened Spin's Barbershop in September of 1998. With four years under my belt, the neighborhood went through some growing pains and significant changes. My landlord was unsure about the future of his building, and was not willing to offer me a long-term lease. With that in my mind, I made the move to a fantastic space just north of 45th & Interlake, on the West edge of Wallingford in 2002.

As of May 2022, I will be in my new location: Spin @ Mercury (8302 Greenwood Ave N. 98103). Same days. Same hours. Same scheduling link. Same great experience. 

It continues to be an incredible ride, and I thank my clients and friends for their long-standing loyalty.

Spyridon "Spin" Nicon